Dirt biking in Hawaii

Trials dirt bikes offer the best experience to ride in the jungle.  Their lightweight design makes maneuvering up cliff faces and over 10 feet logs as easy as pie.  Call or e-mail us to reserve a bike unless your scared.

Kahuku Motocross Park has something for riders of every level.  Whether you like steep flowing downhills, long technical climbs, natural terrain riding, rocky riverbeds, or flowing single track you are likely to find something at Kahuku Motocross.  There is also a seemingly endless variety of terrain varying from: eucalyptus forests, norfolk pine groves, guava covered valleys, ironwood trees and even lunar landscapes to experience.

The park has been open to motorcycling since the track was built in 1972. Ever since then, an amazing (and hardcore) crew of locals have cut and built one of the most amazing networks of trails in the world. You have to experience it to understand what it’s like since words won’t suffice.

The park is located on Oahu’s North Shore, about half a mile from the famous Sunset Beach. Once you pull off of Kamehameha Hwy you will drive a couple of miles up into the park where there is plenty of parking. The track is open on Saturdays, Sundays and Holidays from 8:00am to 6:00pm. There is a daily riding fee of $10 dollars, or $5 if you purchase the annual pass. The annual pass costs $30 and is available to purchase at Kahuku Motocross.

To learn more about the Moto Track visit the Hawaii Motorsports Association’s website: www.ridehma.com.

The riding is amazing at Kahuku. The terrain can be steep, in the trees, with beautiful single track everywhere. There are so many options you can make up any lines you want and almost never do the same ride twice.

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